stands center stage as patient advertising guru’s technology hub

LetsRockENROLL®stands center stage as patient advertising guru’s technology hub


LetsRockENROLL® is Guru’s site-facing referral distribution, communication, and tracking portal. Our portal distributes referrals to sites no matter how Guru reaches them, such as offline advertising or targeted digital marketing and includes a site-friendly platform to allow sites to track referrals from response through randomization. The portal also enables Guru to provide real-time central or site-by-site reports on referral activity or enrollment progress.

Developed by Guru’s development team and constructed with valuable input from some of the country’s top-performing research sites, our site-centric platform is easy, smart, intuitive, HIPAA compliant, and secure.

Quite simply, it rocks.

Guru’s LetsRockENROLL portal lets sites:
  • Securely access referrals generated by phone and web
  • Track referral disposition status
  • Keep all their referral information in one place
  • Communicate with referrals for one-on-one site/patient communication

Like that song everyone can sing along to, the LRE portal is designed to be easy and familiar. Patient Advertising Guru’s LetsRockENROLL portal is a full-function referral distribution and referral tracking portal. It allows sites to manage the referral’s journey through the clinical trial process.

Send Referrals to Sites

Sites receive an email each time a referral is generated either through targeted digital/online initiatives or via Guru Voicemail. Sites can then access their referrals’ information on the portal so they can quickly and easily contact them for evaluation and enrollment.

Communicate with Referrals

LetsRockEnroll portal allows sites to email referrals directly.

Need to remind them about an upcoming visit or to complete the study diary? A secure email is only a click away.

Track Referrals

Tracking the referrals through the enrollment process has never been easier.

A referral has scheduled his initial screening appointment? Sites can simply “drag and drop” from one recruitment milestone to the next.

A referral has passed screening and been enrolled? Simply drag her to Randomized.


If your clinical study was a rock band, then the data are their hit songs. LetsRockENROLL allows Guru to collect data and generate reports about website or landing page traffic, calls, referrals, referral status, and more.

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