If you’re like most Americans, you’ve watched urgent care centers pop-up in your neighborhood…and if you’re like most busy people, you or your child have probably used one in the last year.

The rules of healthcare have been broken and the need to work around your doctor’s schedule are over… And it now applies to your dental health as well!

Introducing our client Dental365, a rapidly growing full service dental practice with locations throughout Long Island (Bellmore, Levittown, Lynbrook), Brooklyn (Park Slope) and Manhattan (Upper West Side and Union Square opening, April 2016). Dental365 offers state-of-the-art, walk-in dental centers specializing in preventative, cosmetic, restorative dentistry. Oral surgeons and orthodontists are on-staff too, helping to ensure a seamless transition of high quality care.

Learn more about Dental365 at


Patient Advertising Guru will be exhibiting at the SCOPE 2016 conference in Miami, Florida February 23-24, 2016. Stop by booth 409 to learn about our “Manage Centrally, Execute Locally” patient recruitment model. The first 300 visitors to our booth will receive the coolest tee shirt giveaway ever, pictured above.

Visit booth 409 and let us show you how we ROCK ENROLL!


Patient Advertising Guru is proud to announce the beginning of a new weekly feature titled “Ask CityMD” which airs on New York’s top-rated Top 40 station, Z100.

Starting September 14th, Dr. Michelle Brosnan from CityMD will answer common medical health questions that will appeal to Z100’s key target audience, including city dwelling millennials and suburban mothers. Ask CityMD will air in the 8am hour of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. This segment offers CityMD, the NY metropolitan area’s largest urgent care provider, with a unique advertising platform that utilizes relatable show personalities to educate and entertain, all while promoting the CityMD brand.

Here’s a CLIP from the first segment about a condition called “Vocal Fry”.


Rockstar Thursday

Clinical Research Rockstars

Here is this weeks’s installment of Patient Advertising Guru’s “Thank you Thursday” campaign. You don’t even need to play the guitar to be a clinical research rockstar.

Look for a billboard in your city with our campaign, coming soon!

Thank You Thursday.

In late February, Patient Advertising Guru published a blog post “What Big Pharma Can Learn From Big Farmers” that turned out to be more than just an exercise in creative writing. It referenced how much pharma could help themselves if some/many/all would band together to promote clinical research participation, just as America’s Dairy Farmers aptly branded “got milk?”. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, READ IT HERE.

This one simple blog post inspired us greatly. Our company’s success is based upon successful enrollment, and frankly our jobs would be made easier if the world was less apprehensive, more motivated and appreciated. Simply put, those who have participated – and those that may one day consider it need to know how valuable they are to healthcare. Many think our medications magically appear on pharmacy shelves, but it just doesn’t work that way.

While we would love to be a part of a much bigger, collective cause, we simply can’t wait for that to happen.

We’re unveiling a social media campaign to thank clinical research participants everywhere – and we’re doing it every Thursday.

It’s called Thank You Thursday – and it starts today. #clinicalresearchrockstarts

Our hope is to internally fund a mass-media campaign to namelessly promote clinical research participation, we begin this May with a social media campaign to create awareness of our need to, well, create awareness. Patient Advertising Guru will also be allocating percentage of our annual 2015 revenue to fund the promotion of this important cause.

We’d like to offer anyone interested access to any of the creative materials we use to promote this cause each Thursday – and we will customize it with your logo and supply it to you at absolutely no cost. Whether you are a research site, a CRO, a sponsor -and would like to use the images we publish (with your logo in place of ours) just ask. Simply provide us with your high resolution logo and give us 48 hours. Feel free to use it exactly as we are, using all of the social media networks at your disposal. It would make a lovely poster in any research site too. We’re trying to make it easy for you to say “Thank You” to the folks who not only build our businesses, but more importantly, help the world live better and longer lives.

Below is the first you might want in your collection. New and unique images will be posted every Thursday. If you are interested, email us by clicking this link THANKYOUTHURSDAY@PATIENTADVERTISINGGURU.COM


Women in the World Logo

Patient Advertising Guru is proud to have been selected to promote Merck for Mothers sponsorship the 5th Annual Women in the World Event at Lincoln Center in New York City. Merck for Mothers is a 10-year, $500 million initiative focused on creating a world where no woman dies giving life. We are committed to using our business and scientific expertise to improve maternal health and are already working in more than 30 countries around the world, including the U.S.

Women in the World is an annual summit launched in 2010 by Tina Brown, the British-born former editor in chief of Tatler, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Talk, Newsweek and The Daily Beast and author of The Diana Chronicles, a biography of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Merck for Mothers


California avocados have a voice.

So does milk and so does pork, the other white meat.                                                                                        

So why is it that rural farmers have found a way to band together to benefit their entire industry, but big pharma has not?

Do we not want to admit that most Americans don’t know, don’t understand and definitely don’t appreciate clinical research participation?

I really enjoyed the patient recruitment and retention panel discussion at #SCOPE2015, moderated by Kelly McKee today. While it was titled “What Works, What Doesn’t and What Needs To Change”, I’d like to chime in on “What Should Change”.

What should change is the clinical research industry’s failure to promote research participation on a mass-media level, in the same way that farming and dairy boards have banded together to make sure we’ve got Guacamole in our diet and that we’ve “got milk” on the brain.  I’m talking grand scale, big time advertising using the very same outlets we rely on every day to find these patients. (Television, Radio, Print, Online) Heck, there should be a NASCAR race car sponsored by this initiative if we knew what was good for us.

As a self professed Patient Advertising Guru (others have since confirmed), I’m rather certain that a dedicated mass-media campaign would result in a sizable increase of response to patient recruitment campaigns…and as long as we need patients, we continue to commit to this campaign initiative to promote the “wonders” of clinical research…Because the “wonders” of clinical research are the stories that are not getting told…Stories that would likely influence someone to dial the number or visit a website the next time they are exposed to an advertisement.

The “wonders” of clinical research kept my terminally ill mother alive and in my life for 5 more years than doctors said was possible. The stories are not always dramatic. I have such bad reflux that would ruin me if I didn’t have a PPI to take every morning. When I take my pill in the morning, I thank heaven it exists, but really I should be thanking the nameless volunteers who helped soothe the beast in my belly.

I’ll be willing to bet you that every dollar spent on advertising the wonders of research participation has the potential to save many dollars more on future recruitment campaigns.

It’s time for a collective, society changing movement. It’s time for real money to be raised to support a real campaign that creates real change in the perception, and ultimately, participation.

As a vendor judged by advertising ROI, I’m obviously happy to start any conversation that can make the patient recruitment campaigns I execute for my clients more successful.


A pistachio eating, milk guzzling (and blood donating) Patient Advertising Guru


Evan Brett, President of Patient Advertising Guru will be speaking at the Fall Conference of the Urgent Care Association of America.

The session is entitled “Calculating Marketing ROI: Are You Spending Enough?”

Marketing your urgent care center in today’s competitive landscape can be equally as important as your location and your quality of service. Marketing ‘return on investment’ (ROI) is a very common phrase, but what does it mean to your practice? Learn about the relevance of ROI, how to measure it and what role it should play in the scheme of reaching your marketing objectives.

We are hoping that attendees of will:

1. Understand short-term and long-term Marketing ROI
2. Understand how to calculate Marketing ROI
3. Analyze Marketing ROI and justify marketing decisions
4. Recognize that marketing campaigns are investments
5. Understand why marketing ROI may not be an accurate gauge for all campaigns

So if you’re attending in Denver, join us at 10:00AM on October 10, 2014. Attendees may qualify for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

Hollywood Sign

We’ve just wrapped production on an amazing broadcast television commercial to promote a pain relief research study that will air nationwide over the summer.

Our three location shoot was set amongst iconic New York City landmarks, including Central Park. Our scene stealer was an actual dancer from the famed Bolshoi Ballet, cast to portray an ankle injury endured during rehearsal. This commercial was written, directed and produced in High Definition for a mere fraction of what it’s worth. We continue to build upon our tradition of providing Madison Avenue quality at Main Street prices.

Have a look at the finished product below.

Brand Plane Thumbnaile

Click HERE to see the video of our plane landing.

Brand building is a lot of fun. It’s extremely easy when you love the brand and price is not an object.

We’re pretty proud of this little feat we pulled off, branding our own 737 to circulate around the internet. Oh, did you think we’d actually spend the money to stroke our egos? Not a chance. This is hollywood magic turned into SEO content gold.

Cost of this flight? Only $5. You can’t rent a smart carte at the airport for that much!

Developing creative and inexpensive tactics to promote our website and social media following is something we’ve really taken a liking to. We’ve even dusted off the ol’ Twitter account, @PatientAdvGuru which we’d neglected for years, just to push this content out. Too many business seem to forward useless and boring articles to their followers and we won’t be one of them – especially now that we’ve discovered a treasure trove of fun and exciting doo-dads like our branded jet to create a smile, at least for us!

We love the idea of spending very little money to gain attention, and so do our clients!