Thank You Thursday.

In late February, Patient Advertising Guru published a blog post “What Big Pharma Can Learn From Big Farmers” that turned out to be more than just an exercise in creative writing. It referenced how much pharma could help themselves if some/many/all would band together to promote clinical research participation, just as America’s Dairy Farmers aptly branded “got milk?”. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, READ IT HERE.

This one simple blog post inspired us greatly. Our company’s success is based upon successful enrollment, and frankly our jobs would be made easier if the world was less apprehensive, more motivated and appreciated. Simply put, those who have participated – and those that may one day consider it need to know how valuable they are to healthcare. Many think our medications magically appear on pharmacy shelves, but it just doesn’t work that way.

While we would love to be a part of a much bigger, collective cause, we simply can’t wait for that to happen.

We’re unveiling a social media campaign to thank clinical research participants everywhere – and we’re doing it every Thursday.

It’s called Thank You Thursday – and it starts today. #clinicalresearchrockstarts

Our hope is to internally fund a mass-media campaign to namelessly promote clinical research participation, we begin this May with a social media campaign to create awareness of our need to, well, create awareness. Patient Advertising Guru will also be allocating percentage of our annual 2015 revenue to fund the promotion of this important cause.

We’d like to offer anyone interested access to any of the creative materials we use to promote this cause each Thursday – and we will customize it with your logo and supply it to you at absolutely no cost. Whether you are a research site, a CRO, a sponsor -and would like to use the images we publish (with your logo in place of ours) just ask. Simply provide us with your high resolution logo and give us 48 hours. Feel free to use it exactly as we are, using all of the social media networks at your disposal. It would make a lovely poster in any research site too. We’re trying to make it easy for you to say “Thank You” to the folks who not only build our businesses, but more importantly, help the world live better and longer lives.

Below is the first you might want in your collection. New and unique images will be posted every Thursday. If you are interested, email us by clicking this link THANKYOUTHURSDAY@PATIENTADVERTISINGGURU.COM