Brand Plane Thumbnaile

Click HERE to see the video of our plane landing.

Brand building is a lot of fun. It’s extremely easy when you love the brand and price is not an object.

We’re pretty proud of this little feat we pulled off, branding our own 737 to circulate around the internet. Oh, did you think we’d actually spend the money to stroke our egos? Not a chance. This is hollywood magic turned into SEO content gold.

Cost of this flight? Only $5. You can’t rent a smart carte at the airport for that much!

Developing creative and inexpensive tactics to promote our website and social media following is something we’ve really taken a liking to. We’ve even dusted off the ol’ Twitter account, @PatientAdvGuru which we’d neglected for years, just to push this content out. Too many business seem to forward useless and boring articles to their followers and we won’t be one of them – especially now that we’ve discovered a treasure trove of fun and exciting doo-dads like our branded jet to create a smile, at least for us!

We love the idea of spending very little money to gain attention, and so do our clients!